Seed Lending Library

Growing and Sharing

This seed library exists to help people learn to garden and save seeds, and participate in growing and sharing seeds, food, and knowledge.

Check Out Seeds

Peruse our seed book and select up to 5 varieties you’d like to grow. Bring a variety card with you to the front desk and a staff member will give you a packet of seeds.

Classes and Events

Check the library’s calendar, Facebook page, or email newsletter to find out about classes on gardening, and events like seed and plant swaps.

Preserving Our Heritage

Saving seed used to be a type of knowledge that was passed down through generations. This knowledge and production has largely been taken over by seed companies and many varieties have been lost forever.  Seed saving is a skill that provides a community with a resilience and food security. It is a way to push against the loss of genetic diversity within our food system, a way to connect with our community and often our cultural heritage.

Adopt a Seed

Choose a variety according to your level of skill at seed saving and sign up to be a “seed steward” for that variety so we can ensure a supply for lending next year. To sign up, put your name next to your variety and take a seed return form with you. When you bring in your saved seeds, be sure to bring along this form.

“Seed stewards” who successfully save and return 1 variety of seed get to choose 2 new varieties to add to the seed library for the next year!  A Seed Savers Exchange catalog will be out for perusal February through March along with wish list for your selections.

Difficulty Ratings

Green for beginner – For those who are new to gardening and seed saving, these are mostly self-pollinating varieties with minimal required isolation distances.

Yellow for intermediate – For individuals with some prior experience gardening, varieties may require specific isolation distances or may cross with other plants that belong to the same species.

Red for advanced – These varieties are difficult to obtain true seed from or require very specific practices for growing plants to produce seed.

Not Quite Ready to Save Seeds?

Not ready to save seeds but still want to grow something? You can still make a difference by donating to help cover costs.