LIFE Volunteer Info

Teaching Adults – A Different Approach

Our Adult/ESL ptrogram trains volunteers to provide one-to-one tutoring to adults who need help with reading, writing, math or English as a New Language. Volunteers interested in tutoring participate in a training course and are then matched with an adult who needs help with literacy skills. We assess the literacy level of each student and provides the books and materials used for tutoring. Volunteers and students meet in public places such as libraries.

  • Adults like to be in control of their learning and need less structure and supervision.
  • Questioning is part of an adult’s path to learning. It’s not just expected; it’s encouraged.
  • Adults already have a lifetime of knowledge. They challenge new ideas, analyze old ways of thinking, and connect what they already know to new ideas.
  • Adults apply what they learn NOW.
  • Adults own their own learning.

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