New Monthly Energy Workshop comes to PPL

The Month of May will bring the second in what has become a monthly energy workshop series brought to the community by Northern Power & Light and Cornell Cooperative Extension’s North Country Clean Energy Hub.

Held in the library’s Main Reading Room, the public space was chosen to attract walk-ins and engage a broader audience.

Louise Jensen, Northern Power and Light’s community energy advocate said the objective for these workshops was to engage a broad spectrum of the public in a journey toward energy savings through energy efficiency and renewable energy.

“This will be achieved through individual ‘hands-on’, practical one-hour workshops,” she wrote. “Each workshop will include a brief presentation, Q&A, and one-on-one help from CCE Energy Hub staff, Navigators, and/or NPL staff.”

The workshops started in April with a focus on understanding your energy bill, a workshop that will be revisited throughout the series.

The workshops are an hour each and are composed of five minutes for coffee & intros, 15 minutes for presentation, 20 minutes for Q&A, and 20 minutes for individual one-on-one activities and guidance. For example, last month’s Reading Your Energy Bill included coffee and welcome with introductions, 15-minute sharing of a sample energy bill, 15 to 20 minutes of questions from participants, and 20 minutes available for participants to sit down with the hand-out guide and an Energy Navigator or staff person to walk through their bill one-on-one.

To add a ‘learning’ moment, coffee is brewed on site and an energy meter is used to see how high the draw is for a coffee maker!

The next Energy Workshop, Energy Assessment, will take place 1PM, Saturday, May 4, and will build on your ability to read your energy bills, look at how to walk through your homes and figure out where the energy goes. Participants will receive a worksheet to help them conduct their own assessment at home or sign up for a home visit. If you missed the last workshop, please feel free to bring your energy bills and someone will help you to understand it better and save!