Graphic Novels

Located in the front of the library, you can’t miss this section bursting with action and color with dynamic stories for all ages, from comics to sophisticated and complex novels, and an assortment of manga series.

Graphic Novels are not a genre; they are a format, and that format has a little bit of something for everyone. Are there classics that you’ve thought about tackling only to be daunted by prose from another era? Add pictures to stories like the Odyssey or Beowulf and these tales practically read themselves.

For that retro comic feel, we’ve got titles like Dick Tracy that have had multiple issues bound into a larger novel-like format.

Based on Japanese graphic novels, our manga section includes Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket and many more. One of the most popular titles, Naruto, started out as a serial comic in the monthly Shonen Jump, but was so popular it was turned into a manga-style graphic novel and then an anime TV series.

Owly is a fabulous series for our youngest readers, written without words, but with simple symbols that beginning readers will recognize. Symbols combined with great illustrations create a story that is accessible to all.