Exploring the Flow with Blair

Hello, hello, People of PPL,

Adult Program Coordinator William Eckert here, just dropping in one of the newest videos I put together from one of the earliest outings Dr. Blair Madore of the ADK Mountain Club’s Laurentian Chapter and I did together as part of PPL on the Outside.

Here we went for a walk at Higley Flow State Park in South Colton. The trip was designated as an early winter hike, snowshoe, cross-country ski trip, as you can never tell what the weather is going to do well in advance of an outing during the winter months. In this case, we were able to go for a walk, as the trails were lightly dusted with snow.

The wonderful thing about this outing (as can be the case with any of our outings with Blair) is that we were unexpectedly joined by Tim Pearl, a long-time trail maintenance worker at Higley. Tim told us that not only was it the best job he has ever had, but he told us all about the work he did there, a bit about the history of the trees that make up the forest we were walking through, and more. Add Blair’s knowledge of the trails and general awareness of nature, and you get yourself a pretty lovely time.

I hope you enjoy this edition of PPL on the Outside with Dr. Blair Madore.

Hope to see you out there with us, next time,